The Pleasure Fuckers

From 1996:

Vocals: Kike Turmix

Guitar/Vocals: Norah Findlay

Guitar: Mike Sobieski

Bass: Barnaby Bowles

Drums: Jorge “Uno” Fuertes 

Some have described The Pleasure Fuckers as one sexy American chick, a northern California dude, a British bloke  a Spanish guy and a big fat fuck with Elvis sideburns from País Vasco.  But they’re more than just that.  And this is their story:

In 1988, during a garage rock concert in a small club in Madrid, Spain, guitarists Mike Sobieski and Norah Findlay were dumbfounded when a 250 pound (or, like, a whole lot of kilos) Kike Turmix commandeered the microphone and belted out a rendition of “The Crusher”.  The crowd went wild (as crowds often do) and Mike and Norah immediately knew that they had found the singer they had been looking for.  What they didn’t know was that they would never eat the same again (They claim to be the best eating band in show-biz.)  Two years later with the addition of Barnaby Bowles on bass, The Pleasure Fuckers became one of Spain’s most notorious Garage-Punk bands and continue to leave audiences screaming.  What they’re screaming, we’d rather not say.

The Pleasure Fuckers are a live-on-the-edge hedonistic rock band.  The band’s sex ,drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll attitude is perfect for their adoptive home, Madrid.  The town’s unique version of ‘Night Life’ or ‘Vida Nocturnal’ is the glue that holds together the diverse multi-national members of The Pleasure Fuckers. Barnaby is from London which makes him English; guitarists Mike and Norah are from Northern California; Kike Turmix is from Basque Country (located in the North of Spain and the South of France); and Jorge Fuertes is pure ‘Madrileño.’ The blending of cultures together with domineering guitar riffs, straight forward melodies and fast driving rhythms makes The Pleasure Fuckers’ music perfect to have sex to. 

The Pleasure Fuckers began touring Spain and France after the release of their first LP, “Loud Lubed and Live”.  More than 500 gigs, 3 European tours and five LP’s later, amazingly, they’re still ready for more.

“For YOUR Pleasure” is The Pleasure Fuckers’ 5th studio album and their first for Grita!. It was recorded in August 1995 in Madrid’s Box Studio and was co-produced by Mike (Guitar) and Iain Burgess.  This album has 17 songs including ass-kickers such as “Captain Igloo” , “Sexy French Motherfucker”, and “Socio De Satan” (Partner Of Satan), which is also on the soundtrack of Alex de la Iglesia new film “El Día De La Bestia” (The Day Of The Beast) and has bonus-tracks “Exprimélo” (written by Cerebros Exprimidos”) as well as the best songs of The Pleasure Fuckers’ last album, Ripped To The Tits – the title track and “Super Real Fuck.”